Eligibility: Students in grades 10-12, living in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, Ozaukee and Racine Counties, and at a proficiency level of WSMA Class A level or above.

Applicants are encouraged to perform with an accompanist or combo. That said, students have the option of using live or recorded accompaniment.

  • If you are coming in live, you need to provide your own accompanist or combo (a drum set will be provided).
  • If you are coming in with a recorded accompaniment, you will need to provide your own media AND sound equipment. 

Instrumental applicants should select a ballad and an up tempo rhythm changes tune from the lists below. Judges will listen for the applicant's ability to present the melody and improvise one or more of the choruses.  Applicants will also play several choruses of Ellington's “C Jam Blues”.

Drummers: Must demonstrate the ability to play and improvise in Jazz, Latin, and Rock styles.  Drummers will need to bring, at least, their own cymbals.  Many thanks goes to White House of Music who will be providing a drum set for your use on Audition Day.  You will need to bring your own cymbals.

Vocal applicants should select a ballad and an up tempo rhythm changes tune from the lists below.  All of the tunes listed, including C Jam Blues, have lyrics.  You will be required to sing using the lyrics, and then improvise (scat).

Ballads                                            Up Tempo Rhythm Works
Stardust                                            I Got Rhythm                   
My Foolish Heart                             It Don’t Mean A Thing                                 
Skylark                                              Take the “A” Train

Blues: A reminder that all applicants will be required to play (or sing, with lyrics, if you are a vocalist) the head and improvise to Duke Ellington’s C Jam Blues.


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